David T. Alexander | Less Trodden Lands Curate My Point of View | Advance Exhibition Preview

David Alexander | Less Trodden Lands Curate My Point of View 
November 9-29
Opening Reception November 9, 5-7 PM
1384 Dufferin Street, Toronto

The preview has concluded. Please click here to view the full collection. 

Bau-Xi Gallery is thrilled to present Less Trodden Lands Curate My Point of View, an all-new exhibition by renowned Canadian painter, David T. Alexander. In the artist’s latest collection for the gallery, Alexander celebrates nearly 60 years of artistry and creative expression, presenting a suite of stunning new landscape pieces. His depictions of real and fictive landscapes are as poignant and powerful as ever, revealing decades-long explorations of geography, nature, and culture.

On his new exhibition, Alexander states,

“The three types of landscapes I engage in are mountains, prairies, and coastal areas. Repeated trips to the Arctic and other remote places have always been of great interest to me, getting to these less-trodden places was a complex and fulfilling journey. Hiking, drawing, and recording the vastness of the land over an extended period has always been important to me.

Many of my early trips to remote places were on ships and treks under the midnight sun and the aurora borealis which is impossible to paint. Experiences in these travels have always allowed me to curate a personal point of view towards nature and wildlife.

It’s hard to take in the complexity of a sense of nothingness in a natural desert or grassland of the plains of Saskatchewan or being overwhelmed by the enormity of a huge mountain other than experiencing it in person. I need another lifetime and a half to satisfy my mind about nature.”

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