The Art of Healing: Art in Hospitals

 Cori Creed’s painting “Hope Rising II” hangs in the second-floor stairwell of the Lion’s Gate Hospital’s Hope Center.  Featuring two triumphant arbutus trees twisting upwards towards the sky, the artwork is an expression of hopefulness and growth. Several studies have shown that art helps to create an atmosphere where emotional and physical healing can happen. Viewing art can bring down the heart rate, provoke a joy response, lower stress and provide a much-needed opportunity for contemplation. This is important for the heart and soul of the hospital – and the hearts and souls of those who give or receive care: patients, their families and staff alike.

“I think that most people understand wanting to make a difference in the world. I hope that in donating to hospitals or institutions where people can use a bit of a visual escape or distraction I can play a part in brightening someone's day a bit - at least let them know that their community is thinking of them.” - Cori Creed

Lions Gate Hospital Foundation’s Art Collection program seeks to create a calming and attractive environment for the benefit of patients, their families, staff and visitors.  Using the healing power of art, the hospital enhances patient care and the patient experience.  Local Vancouver artists contribute to this  program through donating a variety of artworks, which can be identified on their website.  If you are interested in donating work, visit this link for more information.


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