Joshua Jensen-Nagle | New ski scenes

Matterhorn View For You

Joshua Jensen-Nagle recently added 4 incredible new pieces to WINTER, his ongoing series of mountain and ski imagery. Shot in Switzerland this past winter, these shots capture the scenic ski villages of Zermatt and Wengen in the Swiss Alps.

An avid skier and snowboarder, Joshua Jensen-Nagle explores the slopes on his snowboard with his camera equipment on his back, allowing him to shoot idyllic ski scenes and impressive mountain vistas as he experiences them. 

During this particular trip to Switzerland, the artist also experimented with shooting the mountains aerially. He hired a helicopter to fly him over the runs, allowing him to capture Chalet Days, a spectacular aerial-perspective image of a ski resort in Zermatt. 

These dreamlike images impart a sense of nostalgia, perfectly capturing the crisp air and clear skies of a day on the slopes. 

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Chalet Days


 Days Like This


 The Mountains and Me


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