Kyle Scheurmann Awarded Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant by Canada Council for the Arts

Bau-Xi Gallery congratulates Kyle Scheurmann on the receipt of Canada Council for the Arts' Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant!

The Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant funds Canadian artists committed to the creation and dissemination of innovative, vibrant and diverse art. This program advances Canadian artistic practices by encouraging artists to investigate creative processes and take risks that lead to the development of unique works destined to connect with the public.

Since 2019, Scheurmann has kept studios in remote, wooded locations in order to document the incremental approach of climate change while simultaneously working on conservation and activism efforts. In 2021, the artist was invited to participate in the Eden Grove AiR, a residency at the Fairy Creek Blockades on unceded Pacheedaht territory. During his four-month stay at the blockade camps, Scheurmann served not only as a resident artist, but also a journalist and legal witness in face of the injustices carried out by law enforcement against Forest Protectors who were fighting to save some of the last remaining highly productive ancient forests in Canada.

Since this experience, Scheurmann has been working towards systemic and legislative approaches for permanent environmental protection, including aligning himself with the conservationist group, the Nature-Based Solutions Foundations (NBSF), as the host of the “Art Auction for Old-Growth.” He was also involved with the foundation of a new environmentally focused residency at the Harvest Moon Learning Centre in Clearwater MB, collaborating with experimental regenerative farmers in order to share wholistic approaches to land stewardship as a means for new art making.

When speaking of his latest exhibition, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Kyle Scheurmann states:

"As you look at these paintings of what may seem like the end, try to think of them instead as a new beginning.

Because no matter how loud we all shout, we’re never going to get back those ancient forests lost to wildfire or industrial logging. Our rivers and streams have already swelled well beyond their banks, displacing, and changing their natural ecosystems forever.

But maybe – hopefully – this is as bad as it’s gonna get.

These are hopeful paintings.

Welcome to the new frontline of climate change.

We’re all Forest Protectors now."

Thank You, I'm Sorrywill be exhibited at Bau-Xi Toronto from March 9th to 30th. 

Read Scheurmann’s engaging and insightful artist statement here.


Kyle Scheurmann acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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