Michelle Nguyen | Predation

 Michelle Nguyen at Bau-Xi Gallery

Michelle Nguyen | Predation
April 16-30, 2020
340 Dundas Street W., Toronto

This April, Bau-Xi Gallery is excited to present Michelle Nguyen's Predation. Nguyen expands upon her inspiration for the exhibition in the artist statement below: 

 "This particular body of work explores the challenges of hybrid identity and cultural dysphoria through the utilization of representational binaries such as living and dead, inanimate and organic, beast and human, meat and animal, male and female, dark and light, wild and domestic, and predator and prey. These cacophonic tableaus blend the narratives of magic realist literature and Greco-Roman mythology while serving as the setting for a colourful cast of vaguely humanoid creatures in various stages of metamorphosis. The enigmatic nature of these fabricated worlds allows these hybrid characters to occupy multitude of dichotomies at once. (Is this a woman transforming into a swan, a swan transforming into a woman, or something different altogether?) Predation questions false ideas of purity and what it means to occupy identities that exist in limbo."

- Michelle Nguyen 

Michelle Nguyen at Bau-Xi Gallery

Born in Toronto, Nguyen currently lives and works in Vancouver. She studied Environmental Design and received her undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia in 2016.


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