Mel Gausden | Campfire Stories

Mel Gausdent at Bau-Xi Gallery

Mel Gausden | Campfire Stories
May 15-29, 2021
340 Dundas Street, Toronto

We are thrilled to present Campfire Stories, an emotive new body of work by emerging artist, Mel Gausden. This new series, comprised of oil paintings and works on paper, is a compilation of memories, moments and short stories characterized by the artists unique approach to Canadian landscape through the use of bold mark-making and brightly hued accents. Inviting, lush, and often unsettling, Gausden contemplates the extended isolation and discomfort of the past year and offers a hopeful reverence on past and future relationships.

Gausden’s process is significantly determined by the length of time in which her source material is transformed by time into nostalgic images; a process that can take years. Once memories are bound to her images, the narrative emerges and is rendered in paint.

Mel Gausden earned her Bachelor of Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2009. She lives and works in Toronto.

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Mel Gausden at Bau-Xi Gallery

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