Martin Klimas | Fragile Beauty

Martin Klimas | Fragile Beauty
February 9 - March 2, 2023
350 Dundas St West, Toronto

Bau-Xi Photo presents, Fragile Beauty, from the acclaimed Flowervases series by German photographer, Martin Klimas. Contrasting elegance and chaos, Klimas photographs his flawlessly arranged flower vases being shot by a steel bullet, capturing them in the exact moment of their destruction.

"What interests Klimas is not so much the moment of impact, but the transformation taking place in one seven-thousandth of a second. While the top half of the photograph remains poised in an absolutely harmonious still life, utter chaos has erupted below. The contrast of motionlessness and top speed explodes the triteness of the subject. The simultaneous presence of two distinct states and the improbable serenity of the pictures are positively spellbinding."

Precision, accuracy and the exact preliminary planning of his scientifically set-up compositions are what make Martin Klimas’ image series so unique and impressive. With his way of working Klimas constantly wanders between art and science.


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