Kim Keever | Underwater Photography

Kim Keever | Underwater Photography
June 4-16, 2022
350 Dundas Street West, Toronto

American photographer, Kim Keever will be exhibited at Bau-Xi Photo this June with a selection of artworks from both his abstract and landscape series. Keever is known for his colourful large-scale abstractions, which he creates by pouring paint into a 200 gallon tank of water in his studio.  He then uses a large-format digital camera to capture the resulting clouds of colour as they swirl into different forms and diffuse themselves through the water.
Keever’s moody landscape photographs are an illusion to the eye, in this earlier series by the artist, an artificial atmosphere of fog and misty rivers are created over miniature terrains. By submerging these fabricated landscapes in the tank in his studio, Keever has created dreamlike worlds reminiscent to the monumental paintings of the Hudson River School art movement.

Until the mid 1970’s, Keever worked as a thermal engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at which time he became a full-time artist. His previous vocation continues to inform his work today, lending scientific methodology and investigative process to his artistic process.

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