Gallery Artists | Play

 Jeffrey Milstein aerial photography, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery
Gallery Artists | PLAY

June 9 - 23, 2018
350 Dundas Street West, Toronto

This month, Bau-Xi is pleased to present a group exhibition titled Play, showing works by gallery artists such as Jeffery Milstein, Barbara Cole, Joshua Jensen-Nagle and Katrin Korfmann.

From Jeffrey Milstein's striking aerial shots of Disneyland, to Katrin Korfmann's composed scenes of children playing against brightly coloured backgrounds, this exhibition is curated around themes of recreation and playfulness. The bright colour palettes that characterize these works also impart a sense of joy; pops of pink and turquoise can be found along the shorelines of Joshua Jensen-Nagle's sandy beaches, and the primary hues of Barbara Cole's Petit Prince works are reminiscent of the simplicity and joy of childhood.

Visit Bau-Xi Photo from June 9-23 to see this incredible exhibition. Click here to view the photography collection. 


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