Cori Creed | Tapestry

Cori Creed | Tapestry
November 15-December 1, 2018
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 15, 6-8 pm, Artist in Attendance

In her latest exhibition, painter Cori Creed draws inspiration from the textural quality and patterning found in textile arts. Tapestry deftly interweaves the West Coast landscape tradition with the artist's ongoing engagement with the materiality of the oil medium.

The atmospheric depth and painterly abstraction of these canvases present a constantly shifting warp and weft — lushly layered brushstrokes, threaded through with the artist's distinctive gestural mark-making, emerge from the paint surface and part to reveal swathes of vibrant colour and pictorial space.

In this series, Creed unravels her ever-evolving practice to be repurposed as material, deconstructing source imagery from previous bodies of work as the apparatus for the application of new techniques. Through this process, disparate temporal realities and spatial elements become stitched together and re-fabricated, with new understanding of the subject matter, to evoke the complexity and richness of the natural environment.


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