CONTACT Featured Exhibition | BACK STAGES

Katrin Korfmann and Jens Pfeifer artwork at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

Katrin Korfmann and Jens Pfeifer | BACK STAGES 
A Featured Exhibition for the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 1-31, 2019
350 Dundas Street W., Toronto 
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4th, 2-4pm.

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present Back Stages, a new photographic series created by fine art photographer Katrin Korfmann and sculptor Jens Pfeifer. Back Stages documents the underappreciated world of manufacturing that is nonetheless essential to the making of artworks and culturally important objects.

Fascinated by the facilities where fine art and culturally important objects are created, the artists traveled the world over three years capturing scenes such as a bronze foundry in the Netherlands, a stainless-steel workshop in China, an archeological excavation site in Turkey, and a functioning 11th century tannery in Morocco. By foregrounding these facilities, Korfmann and Pfeifer draw attention away from the romantic notion of a solitary artist in their studio and shift it to a broader network of labour. Every step of the artistic process, from planning to execution, is wrought with artistic meaning, and is integral to the final piece of art. Back Stages emphasizes the significance of manufacturing and materials in the world of art and culture.

Back Stages was selected as a Featured Exhibition for the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and will be on view at our photography location for the entire month of May. 

Katrin Korfmann is an Amsterdam-based photographic artist, known for her large-scale aerial images examining human interaction in public spaces. Jens Pfeifer bases his artistic practice out of Amsterdam; he is a visual artist working mainly in sculpture, whose work explores how human beings deeply identify with images of the natural world.


Featured Exhibition for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

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