Kyle Scheurmann | Split My Full Moon Heart | Advance Preview

In his newest solo exhibition, Kyle Scheurmann shares his profound connection to the Full Moon and unapologetically highlights the destruction of forests in British Columbia. These new paintings grow from his experiences spent under the light of the Full Moon and witnessing the clearcut that "split my heart in two". 

"These new paintings are an environmental S.O.S, but they are also a gentle talisman, guiding us by the hand and leading us into a place where we can feel happy and hopeful again."  - Anne Griffiths, Bau-Xi Gallery artist. 

This preview has now closed. All paintings are now available for viewing on the public Kyle Scheurmann page. Please click here to see all available works in this collection.

All works are available for purchase now.
To secure a piece, please contact us at 416-977-0600 or

Kyle Scheurmann | Split My Full Moon Heart
Solo exhibition dates: April 4 -25, 2024
Upper Level, Bau-Xi Gallery | Dufferin 
1384 Dufferin Street
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 5-7 PM | ARTIST IN ATTENDANCE

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