Mother Figure

Size: 38 X 36 in.
Oil on Canvas

Current location: Vancouver

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

The artist states "Mother Figure was inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram - I knew I wanted to paint it as soon as I saw it. A reverse Google Image search indicated that it is a photograph from Vogue UK in 2004 taken by Tim Walker. The model is Sarah Daykin. This painting attempts to explore the archetype of The Mother. By Jungian definition, The Mother is a representative of a woman’s maternal instinct. She is a natural caretaker, who desires to not only create life but also to nourish and sustain it. Her inclination to put others first can run the risk of neglecting her own needs. I see this characteristic very prominently displayed in my own mother. In the painting, the figure is immersed in a world teeming with life. Not only that, but her body also serves as an infrastructure for the lives of some of the fauna. Rabbits flee under her skirt for shelter like a child clutching to the leg of their parent. Despite the vibrant world surrounding her, she gives too much. This leaves her body a hollow vessel, her weathered exterior made apparent by her oxidized green patina. "

Nguyen's illustrative paintings employ a variety of techniques using oil paint and pastel on a canvas surface. Rife with narrative symbols, her dramatic tableaus sing with chaotic tension and humorous undertones. Painted in jewel tones and highlighted by soft-hued pastels, starkly contrasted by bold gestural markings, Nguyen's works are ready to hang framed or unframed.

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