Art Talk, Noland, Alexander, Feet in Lake, Beer in Hand, Emma Lake

Size: 78 X 75.5 in.
Acrylic on Canvas, Unframed

Current location: Vancouver

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"Art Talk, Noland, Alexander, Feet in Lake, Beer in Hand, Emma Lake" recalls David T. Alexander's time at Emma Lake Artist Workshop, an influential artist residency and workshop in Saskatchewan. David recounts his encounter with American abstract painter Kenneth Noland as both artists plopped down on chaise lounges to enjoy a beer and talk shop by the lake in 1991.

Emma Lake served as a summer base for much of Alexander’s personal and artistic development while in Saskatoon for 23 years—a meeting ground and art incubator for painters Jules Olitski, Frank Stella, William Perehudoff and influential curator Clement Greenberg to share ideas and techniques.

"Art Talk..." highlights the artist’s layered staining techniques, his love of drawing and gestural painting style.

Alexander’s canvases exhibit high colour contrasts using a combination of dry and wet brushwork. Canvases display the artist’s gestural painting style, and have a matte finish. Paintings are ready to hang framed or unframed.

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