Sea Fair 9

Size: 38 X 70 in.
Oil on Canvas, Unframed

Current location: Toronto

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Chase Langford began exploring ways in which he could integrate cartography and fine art. Equipped with skills in both life drawing and ceramics, he began a painting career inspired by natural phenomena both intimate and vast. 
His stacks of brightly contrasting pigment recall sedimentary cross-sections as much as they do aerial views of rivers, valleys, and rock formations. Langford begins his canvases with impulsive mark-making, a technique that forms and gentles to a refinement of aesthetic in abstract, layered shapes. Graphic and linear, compositions nonetheless undulate across the canvas with a water-like flow. Concentric circles of color are dense and distinct deposits, unmistakably reminiscent of rock strata formed over thousands of years. 

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