Blue Resonance 2

Size: 29 x 29 in.
Acrylic on Panel

Current location: Toronto

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

"Generations of women in my family have been skilled in such traditions.  Often out of necessity, they sewed and wove their cloths and linens. There's always been a skilled beauty to their designs which I've long admired. At first I did not even notice how it was influencing me and my work.  I was always consciously making and seeing patterns in nature and in architecture. I have never acknowledged the elitist distinction between so-called “women’s work” and high art. Content and intention of the craft form is what makes it art. I like how both traditions have a voice in my work and together create an equilibrium – I appreciate them both."

Christou’s dimensional paintings are constructed by repetitive weaving of colour to create optical play and intricacy. She builds her abstract compositions with layers of acrylic paint or oil pastel, forming surfaces with incredible depth and texture.

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