Emerging Now | OCADU Drawing and Painting Class of 2022

July 9-30, 2022
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto; Upper Gallery

Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto is located in one of the most energetic artistic neighborhoods in the city, in part because of its close proximity to OCAD University. For the month of July, a curated selection by recent graduates from the Drawing and Painting class of 2022 will be displayed in our Upper Gallery.

In this years edition of our annual exhibition, we are thrilled to be featuring works by Lauren D'Ambrosio, Sophia Fraresso, Holly Macmillan, Emerald Repard-Denniston, and Matthew Thomas.

30 X 30 in. - $1,750.00 CAD
Mikaela | Holly MacMillan
10 X 10 in. - $475.00 CAD
Homesick | Lauren D'Ambrosio
As Above, So Below, Between You and I | Matt Thomas
48 X 36 in. - $2,950.00 CAD
Wet Dreams | Emerald Repard-Denniston
10 X 8 in. - $350.00 CAD
Derek | Sophia Fraresso
10 X 8 in. - $350.00 CAD
Uma | Sophia Fraresso
10 X 10 in. - $475.00 CAD
Protect Me | Lauren D'Ambrosio
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