Gallery Artists | Working with the Figure

Gallery Artists at Bau-Xi Gallery

Gallery Artists | Working With The Figure
April 6 - 27, 2023
340 & 350 Dudas Street W, Toronto
Opening Reception Thursday, April 6, 5-7pm | Artists in Attendance

Throughout history, the artist has continued to find a deep fascination with the figure. Whether it be centred on conveying one’s identity -- honest or projected -- or using the human form as a compositional element in an abstractive approach, the figure continues to stimulate an artist’s imagination.

With this group exhibition, we look to a curated selection of Bau-Xi artists: Erin Armstrong, Barbara Cole, Darlene Cole, and Virginia Mak, who use their chosen medium to depict a shared subject in unique ways. They expand the notion of how we see the figure, as well as how we connect with it. This is the power of the figure and why we return to it, time and time again.


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