Vladimir Kraynyk

Vladimir Kraynyk is an emerging Canadian artist living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Kraynyk's paintings are synthetic in nature and draw on a variety of artistic and philosophical sources: Baroque art and architecture, Futurism, Surrealism, Alchemy, philosophy of Nietzsche, Analytical Psychology. It is as much about the process as about the finished product – finished product contains in itself the process and vice versa – the dialectical tension between the opposites provides the sought after dynamism and energy.

Likewise, the combination of traditional oil painting and digital aesthetic, transgresses the conventional boundaries of the medium, responding to the ever-increasing speeds and multiplying streams of images in our information epoch. At the same time, the slow process of oil painting forces us to stop, reflect, reinterpret, look, imagine, and concentrate – acts that are essential but all too often neglected. If the artist's works can achieve this effect – he considers them successful.

Kraynyk graduated with Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2014 and recently completed a period of study in Florence. 

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48 X 60 in. - $6,000.00 CAD
Vladimir Kraynyk - Intuitus, Oil on Canvas, Unframed,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
48 X 65 in. - $6,500.00 CAD
Vladimir Kraynyk - Serendipities, Oil on Canvas, Unframed,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
57 X 47 in. - $5,800.00 CAD
Vladimir Kraynyk - Singularity, Oil on Canvas, Unframed,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
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