Size: 60 X 64 in.
Oil and Pastel on Canvas

Current location: Vancouver

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The artist states: "When I start a painting, I do not usually have a clear idea of what the final piece will look like. I often begin with a current fixation since my process depends so heavily on the act of bricolage and collage centered on a singular a figure, object, or colour. For example, going into ‘Allegory’ I knew right away that I wanted to paint a house on a particular angle (the white house), and center the entirety of the painting’s palate on a new tube of paint I had purchased (Rublev’s Mayan Blue). From there on, it becomes a palimpsest of reactive responses, like a brushstroke determinant being based on the previous one. It is similar to comedic improv. I have the house down on the canvas as well as this exciting new blue—now it is time to construct a world around these two primordial features in an almost instinctual and spontaneous fashion."

Nguyen's illustrative paintings employ a variety of techniques using oil paint and pastel on a canvas surface. Rife with narrative symbols, her dramatic tableaus sing with chaotic tension and humorous undertones. Painted in jewel tones and highlighted by soft-hued pastels, starkly contrasted by bold gestural markings, Nguyen's works are ready to hang framed or unframed.

Established in 1965, Bau-Xi Gallery represents both Canadian and International artists, exhibiting Modern and Contemporary painting, photography, and sculpture in three art galleries in Toronto and Vancouver.

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