Curator's Selection: 2021 In Preview

This January, Bau-Xi Toronto will present a preview of select works by artists featured in our 2021 gallery programming.
48 X 42 in. - $5,500.00 CAD
Sloping Positions
Martin Klimas Artwork | Colourful and energetic photographs of shattering still lifes of flower vases and porcelain.
60 X 40 in. - $9,600.00 CAD
Love Crosses Oceans
48 X 48 in. - $5,200.00 CAD
The Caress
Barbara Cole Artwork | Bright, exciting, abstract, figurative, underwater figurative photographs.
72 X 72 in. - $12,200.00 CAD
Nicole Katsuras Artwork | Highly textured, colourful, abstract paintings inspired by landscape.
62 X 64 in. - $7,800.00 CAD
California Soil
George Byrne Artwork | Colourful, bright, geometric architectural photographs of city streets in Miami, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.
52 X 58 in. - $15,500.00 CAD
David T. Alexander Artwork | Colourful abstracts of water reflections and landscape paintings.
Richard Barnes Artwork | Dramatic photographs of animals, museum interiors and architecture.
48 X 36 in. - $5,700.00 CAD
Janna Watson Artwork | Bright, colouful, expressive, gestural abstract paintings inspired by emotions.
48 X 60 in. - $10,300.00 CAD
Vicki Smith Artwork | Paintings of peaceful serene female figures swimming or floating in lakes and pools.
Slowly Calmly - 4 sizes
Isabelle Menin Artwork | Colourful, dramatic, painterly, abstract composite photographs of flowers and fruit.
Michael Wolf Artwork | Dramatic muted large-format architectural photographs of Hong Kong Chicago and Paris, portraits from the Tokyo subway.
78 X 66 in. - $14,400.00 CAD
Darlene Cole Artwork | Colourful, romantic, pastel figurative, portrait, and floral oil painting.

Established in 1965, Bau-Xi Gallery represents both Canadian and International artists, exhibiting Modern and Contemporary painting, photography, and sculpture in three art galleries in Toronto and Vancouver.

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