Autoethnography | 2021 OCAD Grad Exhibition

July 10-24, 2021
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

The term “autoethnography” can be difficult to define, but consistently references the author's self-reflexive nature, linking their personal experience with broader cultural beliefs, practices, and experiences.
This year’s curated OCAD University graduate exhibition draws on this common theme of autoethnography and its research and self-observation. Pulling from personal experience and interest, this young group of artists understands the power of identity and how one’s personal experiences—while specific to the individual—contribute to a larger cultural zeitgeist.
Whether it originates from film or family history, these images instantly elicit responses from the viewer. Each of the six artists has harnessed the power of the still image; deconstructing, reconstructing, blurring, and highlighting their specific nuances.

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