Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Joshua Jensen-Nagle is a prominent Canadian photographer who is sought after for his evocative beach photography and nostalgic scenes of European landmarks.

Jensen-Nagle's romantic, dreamlike photographs of faraway places impart a nostalgic mood through his singular aesthetic. For his most recent series, Modern Leisure, Jensen-Nagle continues this exploration in his signature style, capturing sun-soaked shorelines. Photographed from different vantage points, Jensen-Nagle’s scenes contrast the scattering of modern day bathers basking in the sun—leisurely escaping everyday life—with the dramatic ancient promontories, unique rock formations, and deep caves found on the coasts of Italy, Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, and the USA. The artist believes these photographs are not to be interpreted as documentation of places or people in time, but rather as views that stimulate the onlooker’s own emotional memories. 

Jensen-Nagle bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto. He uses his frequent travels abroad as inspiration for many of his photographic series. Having mounted over thirty exhibitions in the last eight years, he is widely recognized for his practice, and has been collected throughout North America and Europe.

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Away From It All
Drifting Over The Blue
Breaking Away
Heading Out
A View For You
View From The Top
Falling Into the Blue
Sicily Sunbathers
Last Days of Summer
Scala Dei Turchi
Drifting Over The Italian Riviera
Floating Over the Hamptons
More Blue More You
Never Ending Days
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Tuscan Shoreline
Last Days of Summer at Scopello
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Keeping It Simple
Coney Island Swimmers
Hanlan’s Point
In the Brightness of My Day
Getting Whisked Away
Remembering Montauk
Wards Island
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Kaneohe Sandbar I
Hanauma Bay I
North Shore
Swimmers of Rio I
Ipanema I
Kaneohe Sandbar III
Ipanema II
Ipanema III
Sunbathers of Copacabana III
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Dreaming of You
Looking Through Your Eyes
Still Moments
Distant Days
Quiet Breezes
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
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