2017 SSNAP Winners

Bau-Xi Gallery is honoured to showcase winning works by the seven recipients of the 2017 Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP) in the Upper Floor Gallery. Initiated by the Salt Spring Arts Council, recipients of the second edition of the prize were chosen by David Garneau, Denis Longchamps and Naomi Potter from 1,227 artists who submitted from across Canada. The winning artists include Judy Anderson, Garry Kaye, Jan Little, Katherine MacNeill, Peter McFarlane, Dave Parsanishi, and Diana Thorneycroft.  

The intent of SSNAP is to encourage artists whose practice demonstrates originality, quality, integrity and creativity—resulting in significant work with visual impact and depth of meaning.

2017 SSNAP Winners Exhibition
November 4 - 18, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 4, 2:00 – 4:00pm

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15 x 12 x 18 inches - $8,000.00 CAD
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Judy Anderson - This one brings me the most pride..., Mixed Media Sculpture with beads, moose hide, otter skin, goalie helmet,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
36 x 48 inches - $14,000.00 CAD
2017 SSNAP Winners - Garry Kaye - Roadside, Acrylic on Canvas,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Jan Little - Jael Suddenly Found Herself With That Beard She’d Long Dreamt Of, Oil on Aluminum Panel,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Diana Thorneycroft - Guard on the Edge (of the forest and the night), Mixed Media,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
16 x 20 inches - $500.00 CAD
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Katherine MacNeill - Offroad East of Oyama BC, Paper Collage on Canvas,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
13 x 52 x 11 inches - $6,000.00 CAD
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Peter MacFarlane - Reclaim Saw, Chainsaw, steel and aluminum sculpture,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
40 x 54 x 9 inches - $7,000.00 CAD
SSNAP 2017 Winners - Dave Parsanishi - Mamaaɫni (A Transformation Mask), Mixed Media Scuplture with wood, recycled material, archival photographs,  - Bau-Xi Gallery
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