Jakob de Boer | Origin

Jakob de Boer

324 Dundas Street West
November 24 - December 1
Opening Reception November 26, 2-4 PM

‘Origin,' a fine art photography series by Jakob de Boer, in collaboration with La Marzocco, on the subject of coffee in Tanzania, will be held at the Bau-Xi gallery from November 24th to December 1st, 2016. Influenced by artists such as Caravaggio and Vermeer, Jakob de Boer narrates stories, invokes emotions, and captures details that reveal the beauty of his natural settings. Each of the 16 black and white images included in the exhibition are silver gelatin prints hand-crafted in Paris; each is reminiscent of a painting from the Dutch school of artists, where nature is celebrated by the play of light skillfully captured by the eye of the photographer who is not only a witness to, but a companion on a journey into life on the SONGWA coffee plantation.  

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these images will be donated to benefit the Songwa community in Tanzania. 


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