David Alexander

DAVID ALEXANDER | Wandering Wants No Root
340 Dundas St. West

November 5 - 19

Exciting new canvases by David T. Alexander are on display this November at Bau-Xi Toronto.Wandering Wants No Root is a phrase that for Alexander describes a process, a distinct aesthetic, and a painted philosophy. Much in the same way that the artist’s brush wanders across his canvases—with linear strokes dissolving into pools of light and colour—so too does Alexander himself wander conceptually through his re-created, reflected worlds.  New work communicates a nomadic approach to both paint and process: tall reeds spontaneously sprout out of their own reflection, the water’s surface a space of distortion and multiplication. Thick brush overlays landscapes with dark, impenetrable screens; Alexander’s land is just within view, not always entirely accessible, and often unattached to clear, geographic referents. Wandering Wants No Root captures land as a map of shimmering surfaces, speculative spaces that bend and move before our eyes.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

324 Dundas St. West
November 5 - 19

Special preview in our 
ART TORONTO booth, A30
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Friday October 28, 2016, 5-8pm - artist talk at 6pm

Preview the newest work by Joshua Jensen-Nagle this fall at Art Toronto. Join us at booth A30 for a reception with the artist, and  to view an exciting showcase of this fair-exclusive series. Please contact the gallery for details. Limited tickets available.



324 Dundas St. West
October 15 - 20

Construct is a series of interventions on physical photographic prints by Toronto artist Chris Shepherd. Through shredding, cutting, tearing, folding, crumpling and other processes, Shepherd re-configures his images into sculptural forms. These new objects are then re-photographed with a result that prompts viewers to re-evaluate the conventional language of photography. Images of sky, urban greenery, and industrial parking lots infuse Shepherd's experiments in medium with a distinct quality of the everyday. Memory, nostalgia, documentation and other established tropes of the medium become secondary to form and object, activating dialogue about the very definitions of the photograph itself.


Hugh Mackenzie artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Hugh Mackenzie | Show 88
Dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Mackenzie 

September 10 - 22 
340 Dundas St. West

Show 88 is for Hugh Mackenzie a proclamation—of age, of loss, and of love. This September, Bau-Xi Gallery will be presenting new paintings by Mackenzie, whose powerful work has stirred the collective consciousness of audiences from the 1950s to the present day. Oil paintings draw on genres familiar to the artist—abstracted cityscapes and portraits that glimpse both the sublimity of the urban landscape and the dark intimacy of the human body in paint. Show 88 will also include works by the late Dorothy Mackenzie, to whom the entire exhibition is dedicated. Dorothy’s still life paintings will showcase her skilled hand in watercolour and oils while also serving as living memories in conversation with her husband's work.


Anthony Redpath artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

324 Dundas St. West
September 10-22 

Anthony Redpath's latest photographic series focuses on the industrial history of coastal British Columbia. Framing worn-down or vacant buildings, Redpath positions his lens at close range to distill his subjects into a series of abstracted planes of  shape and texture. Further enhanced by the complex ribbing, vaulting and rustication of the sugar refinery, pulp mills, and oil refinery that comprise the series, Redpath's attention to detail reveals the effects of time on these monolithic architectural subjects. Works in RE-FINED are technical, beautiful images which respond to shifting understandings about industry as an important feature of the Canadian landscape.

Following the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky and Candida Hofer, Redpath's treatment of his subjects entices the viewer to go beyond the documentary style and examine closely the surface sensuality and rich palette of a decaying landscape. As critic Sky Gooden has observed, "where the Bechers stood back from their industrial subjects, Redpath rushes in."

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